That, and other news, in today’s Political Panorama.

Everyone wants to know what tone Oliver Stone gives “W,” his biopic of President Bush, but they may be missing the point. Josh Brolin, as the eponymous lead, apparently delivers an uncanny performance, in league with other Oscar winner, reports the Politco’s Jeffrey Ressner.

He writes, “People who have seen the film, and there are not many at this point,
have said the most astonishing part of the movie isn’t the storyline,
which doesn’t contain any shocking new information. And it’s not the
liberties the film takes with reality — like any biopic, it includes
invented dialogue, and several lengthy real-life events have been
telescoped into a few minutes of screen time. Instead, “W.” watchers
say that Brolin has positively nailed Dubya, channeling his very soul
in the same way Jamie Foxx inhabited Ray Charles’ skin in “Ray,”
Joaquin Phoenix captured Johnny Cash in “Walk the Line” and Jim Carrey
became Andy Kaufman’s reincarnation in “Man on the Moon.””

One for Two:
Bono will meet with John McCain and Sarah Palin today, but he’s also making it clear that he plans a powwow with Barack Obama and Joe Biden. The singer is pushing candidates to talk about world poverty, and he’s on the bill for the Clinton Global Initiative that starts today in New York.

The Money Trail: The Los Angeles Times’ Tina Daunt has details of an appearance last weekend by Al Gore and Nancy Pelosi at the home of Alan and Cindy Horn, where they raised money for House candidates. Leonardo DiCaprio and Annette Bening were the special guests.

Bill on “Daily Show”: “I think Obama is going to win. Our party is going to win this presidential race,” Bill Clinton tells Jon Stewart on last night’s “The Daily Show.” Its one of a flurry of media appearances the former president has been making in the past few days, leading up to his Clinton Global Initiative.