Lost in all the talk of how Hillary pull off a New Hampshire upset is her interview on “Access Hollywood” that aired on Monday night.

Certainly it was obscured by the media coverage of Clinton near tears on Monday — an incident that is bound to be studied for some time as humanizing Hillary.

Maureen Dowd noted in her column today that Clinton went on “Access” to talk about “the double standards that a woman running for president faces.”

“If you get too emotional, that undercuts you,” Clinton said. “A man can cry; we know that. Lots of our leaders have cried. But a woman, it’s a different kind of dynamic.”

In an irony of ironies, ABC News reports that the New Hampshire woman who asked Clinton the question that elicited her emotions ended up voting for Obama.

Marianne Pernold Young, 64, said that she “was undecided and I was moved by her response to me. We saw 10 seconds of Hillary, the caring woman.”

“But then when she turned away from me, I noticed that she stiffened up and took on that political posture again,” she said. “And the woman that I noticed for 10 seconds was gone.”

Why Obama? He moved her to tears.

“I went to see Obama on Friday and he moved me to tears, I was in awe,” she said. “I’m 64 years old and nobody does that to me.”