One day after the New Hampshire primary, one union local is sending out what it calls a “stinging rebuke” of Barack Obama.

The Intl. Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees — which represents stagehands — sent out a press release today charging that Barack Obama reneged on a deal a Manchester local made with his campaign after he held his event with Oprah Winfrey at a non-union site. The charge is that he has used non union labor after agreeing not to do so.

Of note: The IA (its shorthand name) endorsed Hillary Clinton for president in December.

Here’s the scenario, according to Local 195:

“When Oprah Winfrey campaigned for Obama in New Hampshire in early December, it was decided to hold the event at a non-union venue. Local 195 contacted the campaign and requested they move to a union site. The campaign refused. When IATSE threatened an informational picket line at the event, Obama promised to make pro-union statements at the rally and to use union labor for future events. The picket was then cancelled. Obama did make a pro-union statement at that event, and the campaign
promised that they would use union venues in the future.

“Then on Dec. 10, 2006 [sic], the IA endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. While campaigning in Iowa, the Obama camp asked IA locals for one union employee per event, but used additional nonunion labor at each one. Stage technicians set up stages, hang backdrops and run technical equipment needed for many of the campaign rallies and speeches that are broadcast frequently.”