Rob Reiner was one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest boosters in Hollywood. he campaigned for her. He raised money for her. He even was quite outspoken about her chances of winning compared to that other candidate — right down to her electoral vote strength.

Things change, to use a favorite buzzword.

In an interview with Jeffrey Ressner of The Politico, Reiner predicts, “I think Obama will win by a landslide. The country is tired of the
direction it’s been going in. It may be disingenuous to talk about
McCain as a third Bush term, but essentially there’s not much
difference between him and Bush on the key issues such as the economy
and the war in Iraq. I think people are tired of the Republican brand
and want a real change. Our stock in the world is as low as it’s ever
been, we have a major health care crisis, we have a major economic
crisis and we have a major energy crisis. And we need real leadership.”

With Obama and Clinton making their first joint appearance together in New Hampshire, Reiner appeared on “Larry King Live” on Friday to talk about Democratic unity, and visited Obama headquarters last weekend to meet with policy advisers, although he has not yet talked to the candidate.

If Obama wins, Reiner predicts a great deal of interaction between the candidate and Hollywood, like the days of the Clinton presidency.

“You’d have the same thing, absolutely. There’d be the same kind of love
and respect, but I think you’d have it even bigger. With someone like
Obama, I think the whole country, the whole world will coalesce. Every
election is about change, and change takes a long time because there
are big issues that can’t be changed overnight. But the one thing that
will change dramatically is how we’re viewed around the world. Once
Obama is in there, the world will view us in an entirely different
light. And that, to me, is a good thing.”