Thursday evening

About 1,500 anti-war protesters are gathered at the state Capitol and are being prevented from crossing a bridge into downtown St. Paul.

Police in riot gear are holding the group at bay, charging that they have to disburse because their permit expired at 5 p.m.

There has been considerable debate here over what has been a kind of police state on the streets of St. Paul, Minneapolis and, last week, Denver. But authorities have raided the homes of some protesters they charge had been plotting violent acts, and Monday’s demonstrations were marred by some protestors breaking windows and throwing bricks.

The Writers Guild of America, East, issued a statement today condemning the arrest of journalists trying to cover the protests.

“We decry the mass arrests, raids and questionable tactics that the police have deployed against working journalists at these conventions. We call for the immediate release of all journalists, the dropping of charges against them, and an investigation into allegations of police misconduct.”