That, and other news, in today’s Political Panorama.

If ever two different interviewing styles will be on display, next week will be it: Following her multi-part appearances with Charlie Gibson, Sarah Palin will sit down with Katie Couric next week, according to TV Newser. John McCain will join Palin for a portion of the interview.

Madonna’s Backdrop: Madonna’s video groups McCain with Hitler, Mugabe, Kim Jong il, et al.

Music Madness: Does it matter that musicians are upset with the McCain campaign for using songs without their consent? The Politico reports, “Cease-and-desist letters from musicians have rained down like confetti on Republicans over the years. But nothing compares to the virtual commune full of left-leaning artists who are mad at John McCain right now, though, in most cases, they have no legal basis to stop him from using their songs.” The campaign has rights to use the songs under performance agreements with ASCAP.

Chase Race: Chevy Chase wants Tiny Fey to “Decimate” Sarah Palin.

Hockey Moms Against Palin: The latest Swift Boat parody.