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That, and other news, in today’s Political Panorama.

Oprah Winfrey told a group of Chicago donors on Friday that women could “midwife” the election, and called Barack Obama “a leader [who] has risen up among us,” according to the Chicago Tribune. Making her first official appearance for the campaign since January, she spoke at a fund-raiser at a forum on women’s issues.

Not in “W.”:
Jeffrey Ressner in the Politico writes of scenes left out of Oliver Stone’s “W.” “There were many other parts Stone filmed that won’t make it to the
big screen, including two dream sequences featuring Saddam Hussein, a
take on Bush’s born-again conversion to Christianity, and even a scene
in which he practices his wobbly pilot skills in a small plane and
spins out of control in the desert.

“The movie, which screened for critics this week and is receiving mixed
reviews, has a final running time of 129 minutes. But Stone decided to
save some of the more fantastic and surreal moments for the DVD
director’s cut and possibly international versions of the film.”

Angelina’s PIck?: Jolie seems to like Obama.

Equality Fund-raiser: The No on 8 campaign raises money on Sunday night at the Mondrian, at an event called “Heroes & History Makers” with Evan Wolfson the keynote speaker. Among the hosts are Chad Allen, Alan Cumming, Charlie David, Dana Delany, Eric McCormack, Thomas Roberts, Doug Spearman, Heather Tom, Gus Van Sant, Nia Vardolos, Bruce Vilanch and Loni Anderson.