That, and other news, in today’s Political Panorama.

Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post makes a good point: Record amounts are being spent this year on campaign ads, only two, Clinton’s “3 a.m.” primary spot and McCain’s “Celebrity” ad, have really broken through. But that doesn’t seem to matter where the sheer volume of spots running by Barack Obama seem to have helped boost his standing in battleground states.

Obama may have found a new way to reach young males — accustomed to tuning out during commericals, or have given up on TV altogether. The campaign is now advertising on video games.

New Campaign: Margaret Cho and Molly Ringwald are among those involved in a No on Prop. 8 viral video campaign.

Breaking from Bush: Dennis Hopper has been the rare breed in Hollywood: An ex-liberal conservative. But he is now praying that Obama wins.

Palin Pontificating: More criticism of Sarah Palin from Barbra Streisand (who calls her a “gun totin’ extremist”) and John Cleese (who compares her to a “nice looking parrot.”) Via the Daily Dish, the Cleese video is below: