What a relief it is to finally see a dose of Iowa and New Hampshire-style retail politics in the Golden State.

Last week, Hillary Clinton lunched at King Taco in Boyle Heights.

On Wednesday, Barack Obama sat in Van Nuys resident Mimi Vitello’s backyard to listen to her and her neighbors talk of their fears of losing their homes because of the mortgage and lending crisis. Vitello has an “interest-only” loan, and fears not being able to make payments when the higher rate kicks in.

According to the Sacramento Bee, Obama used the opportunity to announce a “credit card bill of rights” and to provide tax credits for homeowners struggling with mortgage costs. His plans also include reforming backruptcy laws to protect families facing a medical crisis and capping outlandish interest rates on payday loans.

“My priority as president is going to be to restore a sense of fairness and a sense or responsible oversight in the lending industry,” Obama said.

Obama also plans another roundtable discussion in San Francisco on Thursday.

Clinton unveiled an economic stimulus package on Friday that included relief for homeowners facing mortgage foreclosures.