The first No on 8 that I posted earlier is set to debut tonight on “Dancing with the Stars” and “Heroes.”

Also, the Spielberg and Capshaw donation was made to Equality California. Its executive director, Geoff Kors, made this statement in response:

“We so appreciate their generosity and leadership in standing for the right of all people to marry the person they love. The continued and growing opposition to Prop 8 sends a powerful message to those that seek to eliminate the right of same sex couples to marry.”

Karen Ocamb blogs on Bilerico Project about the ad buy and about an event on Sunday where the Gay & Lesbian Task Force gave its Leadership Awards to Bruce Cohen and Dan Jinks, director Gus
van Sant and writer Dustin Lance Black, honored for the upcoming
film “Milk,” as well as former Universal Studios president Sid Sheinberg, board vice president of Human Rights Watch.

It still wasn’t easy raising money.

Ocamb writes, “When it came time to contribute to the Task Force’s No on 8 campaign
– few hands went up. Sid Sheinberg, who was the first to contribute –
he gave $25,000 – called them out after promising to include LGBT
people in all areas considered by Human Rights Watch. Sheinberg: “If it isn’t worth you giving $1,000 or $2500 – why should anyone vote no?””

All told, about $100,000 was raised by the Task Force.

Photo by Karen Ocamb.