Jeffrey Ressner and Kenneth P. Vogel in the Politico have more details of Paul Newman’s political involvement in their obit of the movie star.

Among the highlights:

He and his wife gave more than $500,000 to federal candidates and committees.

He did not give to Al Gore in 2000, but to Ralph Nader.

They also write, “Newman wound up as the 19th name on the original 20-person list, with a notation next to his name that read “Radic-lib causes. Heavy McCarthy involvement ’68. Used effectively in nationwide T.V. commercials. ’72 involvement certain.”

And it was hard for Newman to straddle celebrity and politics. He told Rolling Stone in 1983 about a meeting he had with President Jimmy Carter during his term.

“I wanted to talk to Carter about SALT II, and he wanted to talk about how you made movies,” said Newman.