Proponents of Proposition 8 — which would ban same-sex marriage in California — have outraised opponents as of the end of June.

But IN Los Angeles magazine’s Karen Ocamb reports on a burst of fund-raising among marriage advocates, the most recent being $2 million raised on Saturday night at a benefit dinner for Equality California.

The event, hosted by Margaret Cho, honored San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and Kate Kendell, executive director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights.

Newsom, who came under sharp criticism, even from other Democrats, for performing same-sex weddings in California in 2004, has his doubts that it will be an issue in the gubernatorial race in 2010. He recently formed an exploratory committee.

“No. I don’t so – and if it is, it is. Let’s talk about healthcare, education, the environment. Let’s talk about poverty. And let’s dispense with the idea that separate is somehow now equal. I mean this with sincerity. I’ve gotten more hardened on this. I don’t have much patience – particularly for people in my Party, the Democratic Party – that are arguing for separate institutions as somehow equal. That’s not audacity. That’s not authenticity. That’s not about conviction. That’s about accommodation and political posturing. And I’m done with that.”

Ocamb also spoke with producer Craig Zadan, who expressed his fears about the upcoming election.

“I’m hopeful [about the defeat of Prop 8], but at the same time, I’m nervous. The same way I’m nervous about [Democratic presidential candidate Barack] Obama. I’m hopeful about Obama, but I’m nervous. I feel like the country is so strange right now and I feel that nothing is for certain. So you cannot stop fighting…we should continue the battle right till the very end with everything we possibly can.

“[The slim difference between Obama and Republican rival John McCain in the polls] shows the racism in this country. There’s no way – with what Obama has accomplished so far and how McCain has faltered and the Republicans don’t even like him – the fact that it’s so close. It has to be that a lot of white males will not vote for a black candidate. So I think it’s about racism.”