Michael Moore writes on his Website that he so far is endorsing no one for President, even though Dennis Kucinich comes closest to where he stands on the issues.

He sees drawbacks in all three Democratic front-runners, and writes that he had a deal with Rolling Stone to interview them individually on the condition that all agree. Barack Obama and John Edwards said they would; Hillary Clinton would not.

He writes, “I am not endorsing anyone at this point. This is simply how I feel in the first week of the process to replace George W. Bush. For months I’ve been wanting to ask the question, “Where are you, Al Gore?” You can only polish that Oscar for so long. And the Nobel was decided by Scandinavians! I don’t blame you for not wanting to enter the viper pit again after you already won. But getting us to change out our incandescent light bulbs for some irritating fluorescent ones isn’t going to save the world. All it’s going to do is make us more agitated and jumpy and feeling like once we get home we haven’t really left the office.”

But with “Sicko” pushing for a single-payer, universal health care plan, he seems to be leaning toward John Edwards.

“Edwards is the only one of the three front-runners who has a universal health care plan that will lead to the single-payer kind all other civilized countries have. His plan doesn’t go as fast as I would like, but he is the only one who has correctly pointed out that the health insurance companies are the enemy and should not have a seat at the table.”