A note to hecklers: Make sure you speak in clear, concise messages.

Not too long after Dennis Kucinich lost his bid to participate in last night’s MSNBC presidential debate,  a heckler disrupted the taping of another GE property, “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” shoting the words “democracy” and “censorship.”

At first, host Jay Leno and guest Bill Maher were a bit mystified as to what the heckler was talking about. According to a source who was there, Maher casually said that it must have something to do with the writers strike.

Leno nodded, and offered, “You know what is fascinating. He didn’t even make his point. Does anyone know what he’s talking about?”

Maher — who faced down 9/11 conspiracy hecklers at his HBO show a few months ago — was unfazed, and said as the shouts continued, “I think that’s just garden variety batshit that could have occurred at any night. And it was so entertaining an informative, wasn’t it? It really enlightened us.”

The protestor was removed along with another heckler, and one called out “GE, NBC! Put impeachment on TV!”

Leno was a bit frazzled and went to commercial. It turns out that they were demonstrating against Kucinich’s exclusion from the debate.