The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg catches McCain aide Mark Salter for an interview, and Salter is none too happy with the way the press has covered the campaign, how they have treated Sarah Palin and how they have given a pass to Barack Obama (in his opinion).

A sample:

JG: Do you think your campaign has been too negative, like a lot of people think?

MS: The other guy is much more negative, by some almost immeasurable factor. His message on McCain has been consistently negative since the North Carolina primary. Barack Obama has not made a public statement in this country which did not include a full-throated attack on McCain. It’s just a fact. They have ads saying McCain opposed stem cell research. McCain voted for stem-cell research as he got ready to run for President. He offered, against the consensus advice of his staff, the immigration bill. Obama runs an ad saying, “He’s turned his back on you.” For three weeks Obama has walked around this country calling McCain a liar, dishonorable, and erratic. Those are character-based attacks that he has been leveling at us for weeks and weeks and not a single reporter has called him on it. It’s just insane. McCain won’t even use Rev. Wright, out of an abundance of caution. So he raises the next guy, Bill Ayers, and you know what we get? We get called racist. How is that racist? You got me.