Variety’s Dave McNary reports that WGA picketers were out in force at NBC in Burbank, as “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” returns this evening with guest Mike Huckabee.

McNary writes, “Several picket signs tweaked Huckabee, including “Hey Huckabee, Don’t Scab Me” and “Huckabee, Jesus Would Not Cross.””

The WGA, meanwhile, issued this statement about Huckabee. It actually points out how Huckabee is supportive of the writers, but we’ll see what they say if he goes ahead with his appearance.

“Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee told The Associated Press today, “I support the writers, by the way. Unequivocally, absolutely. They’re dead right on this one.” He went on to say, “I don’t think anybody supports the producers on this one. Maybe the producers support the producers, but I think everybody in the business and even the general public supports the writers.” 

“Huckabee is scheduled to appear this evening on The Tonight Show. The Writers Guild thanks the former Governor for his strong statement of support for striking writers and hopes that he will not cross the picket lines at NBC.”