The day after the Florida primary, Mike Huckabee will travel to Los Angeles to raise money at the Thousand Oaks home of “Passion of the Christ” producer Steve McEveety and his wife, Susan. 

The private reception on Jan. 30 starts at $1,000 per person. Among those on the host committee are real estate mogul Fred Wehba, who has held a couple of fund-raisers for Huckabee; producer Cindy Bond; entrepreneur Ken Eldred; music executive Don Griffin; and Buck Johns.

Last spring, McEveety gave $2,300 to Sam Brownback, who dropped out of the race after a poor showing in the August Iowa Straw Poll.

In addition to “Passion of the Christ,” McEveety has produced a number of movies with Mel Gibson and his production company, Icon, including “Braveheart” and “We Were Soldiers.”

Earlier in the day, Huckabee is scheduled to attended a fund-raiser at Johns’ Newport Beach home.

Many Hollywood Republicans have already lined up behind John McCain or Rudy Giuliani, with McCain set to hold a fund-raiser on Jan. 31 at the home of MGM chief Harry Sloan. Jeffrey Ressner of The Politico has a very good rundown of where things stand in GOP Hollywood, including some nervousness on the part of Giuliani donors.

Director David Zucker, he writes, “isn’t sure about the wisdom behind Giuliani’s strategy of sitting out the early states, but said that with underdogs having won in both Iowa and New Hampshire, ‘all predictions are out the window’ in the presidential race.”

Sloan, meanwhile, says that “McCain’s support in Hollywood goes back to the 2000 election, when he had so much backing from independents, and then in 2004, due to his friendship with John Kerry.” 

“Those two events gave him a positive image with the Hollywood community. If anything, he’s seen as ‘the tolerable Republican’ to a lot of the Democrats and liberals here. I seldom hear anybody say anything negative about John, even though they probably disagree with him on a majority of the issues.”