As expected, Rudy Giuliani has endorsed John McCain.

The former New York mayor was smiling as he came into a press conference at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, and he joined McCain on stage for a short statement and press conference.

With Giuliani was an entourage that included actor Kelsey Grammer, who had endorsed him, and Bill Simon, who was leading his campaign in California. Other Giuliani supporters are here as well, and I have to say that the mood is pretty much shell shock, particularly given the fact that Giuliani had devoted so much time to California.

“If I endorsed anyone else, you would say I was flip flopping,” Giuliani told the throng of reporters gathered.

McCain and Giuliani called each other national heroes, with McCain citing an instance in 2001 when the Arizona Diamondbacks faced off against the New York Yankees in the World Series. McCain took him to the game at the Phoenix stadium, and when the Jumbotron flashed on the image of Giuliani, the stadium of Diamondback fans cheered.

Noting McCain’s come-from-behind wins in early voting states, Giuliani said, “Watching where he was and where he came from made me admire him even more.”

They spoke in the debate “spin room,” on a podium that resembled the layout of the White House press room.

After their press conference, McCain shook hands with Giuliani supporters (such as Simon), some apparently for the first time.