That, and other news, in today’s Political Panorama.

Are supporters of gay marriage getting complacent? Pat McDonald of the LA Weekly reports that opponents have outraised their counterparts in their campaign to pass the Proposition 8 ban on gay marriage.

McDonald writes, “According to the most recent campaign contribution reports from the California Secretary of State, supporters of the anti-gay marriage November ballot measure have raised $16.2 million in their effort to pass Proposition 8. Opponents have brought in $10.8 million, which is still a sizable chunk of money.”

Karen Ocamb of IN Los Angeles notes the prominent industry figures who have yet to give.

Courage Campaign Event: San Francisco Mayor and expected gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom raises money tonight for the Courage Campaign, the progressive group led by Rick Jacobs.The event will be held at the home of Jamie and Michael Lynton.

More on the Greystone Event: The Chicago Sun-Times’ Lynn Sweet takes note of Obama’s seriousness on Tuesday night and the fact that he went out of his way to soothe nervousness among donors.

Riordan for Obama: Lost in much of the coverage of last night’s Obama fundraiser: Former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan has come out for the Illinois senator and not John McCain. Riordan, who backed Rudy Giuliani in the primary, told CBS2 News that, “When I was mayor I had dealings with McCain where I didn’t respect him.” (Via LAObserved.)

And for McCain: Prominent Clinton supporter Lynn Forester de Rothschild announces that she’s backing McCain.

Debate Debates: Jeffrey Ressner of the Politico captures the “most memorable political parleys of the past half century,” starting with the famous Dan Quayle/Lloyd Bentsen matchup in 1988. No. 2 is Nixon vs. Kennedy in 1960 and No. 3 is Carter vs. Ford in 1976. The latter was perhaps the most surreal of them all. As Ressner writes, “The audio equipment went dead, and both candidates stood quietly in place for nearly a half-hour, looking like a couple of broken robots.”