GOP oppo researchers are really at it in Minnesota’s senate race, and they are now combing through Al Franken’s “Saturday Night Live” years.

Minnesota Republicans now are targeting Al Franken with a 1995 skit idea he had for “Saturday Night Live” — a sketch that included a joke about rape that ultimately never made it to the air.

The StarTribune reports that the GOP is distributing a 1995 New York magazine profile of “Saturday Night Live,” where “Franken is described among a group of show writers sounding out a possible parody of Andy Rooney centered on a sedative pill bottle found in the “60 Minutes” essayist’s desk. Franken and fellow writers Norm MacDonald and Jim Downey kick around fictional Rooney responses to the discovery of the bottle.

“The article quotes Franken putting an edgy twist on the discussion, saying in a Rooney voice: “And ‘I give the pills to Lesley Stahl. Then when Lesley’s passed out, I take her to the closet and rape her.’ Or ‘That’s why you never see Lesley until February.’ Or, ‘When she passes out I put her in various positions and take pictures of her.””

Republican state Rep. Laura Brod said the quotes combined with the Playboy piece shows “a pattern of behavior which is not suitable for a U .S. senator.”

The Franken campaign is trying to draw a line between humor and reality — which is just about exactly what many said would be the candidate’s biggest hurdle.