Celebrities are out in New Hampshire to drum up support for their chosen candidates, but there’s no one quite like Larry David.

He’s been in an entourage with his agent, Ari Emanuel, and Arianna Huffington, and created an interplay with Barack Obama at one event this morning.

At the campaign’s final rally this morning, the star of HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm” couldn’t let one moment pass, according to ABC News.

The network’s David Wright and Sunlen Miller write, “When a Dartmouth student collapsed, forcing the event to a stop, David immediately perked up, saying “I have a great line, I have to use it.”

“He rushed over to the metal barricades at the edge of the press riser, stepped up … and then lost his nerve.

“He then went over and tested his line on Emmanuel who was sitting nearby.

“Go for it, L.D.,” he encouraged.

“David hesitated a minute, then went back to the barricade just as the stretcher wheeled the poor student away.

“He cupped his hand to his mouth and called out to Obama: “Sinatra had this effect on a crowd.”

“Obama smiled. “That’s right, Larry.”

“But no laughs.

David was clearly disappointed his line fell flat. “I got nothing,” he sulked, and then he wandered off.”

Huffington writes a first-hand account of their adventures last night at Darmouth College.

“What followed was unlike any campaign event I’ve been at. A circular conversation that pinballed between politics and showbiz — Why are you for Obama? Are you going to get back with Cheryl (his TV wife)? — and often combined the two, with both Larry and the students riffing on how the ’08 race related to moments from Curb or Seinfeld. Alas, the question of “shrinkage” never came up.

“Throughout the event Larry was… well, Larry. Completely himself and utterly hilarious. At one point he noticed a student scratching himself and asked, “What are you doing itching your balls at an Obama event?”

Another student asked him what he thought Obama’s chances were. He answered with his signature “Pre-tty, pre-tty good,” leading to a raucous outburst.”