Ellen DeGeneres has purchased ad time to run her video in which she urges California voters to vote no on Proposition 8.

In the spot, she says, “Hi, I’m Ellen DeGeneres. I got to do something this year I never thought I’d ever be able to do: I got married. It was the happiest day of my life. There are people out there raising millions of dollars to try and take that right away from me. You’ve seen their ads on TV. They’re twisting the truth, and they’re trying to scare you. I believe in fairness. I believe in compassion. I believe in equality for all people. Proposition 8 does not. Please, please, vote no on Prop. 8.”

There was no immediate word on where the spot would air and when it will start to be seen. No amount was disclosed, although the cost of the spot will have to be reported to the California Secretary of State as a contribution. A spokesman for Equality California’s No on 8 campaign, Eddie Fernandez, said that DeGeneres will buy the media time herself rather than through Equality California.

“In her desire to speak directly to the people of California, Ellen has stepped up as only Ellen can,” Patrick Guerriero, campaign director for No on 8, said in a statement. “Her voice has a tremendous ability to elevate this conversation above the scare tactics and help people understand what’s at stake for the people they know and care about. Her generous contribution to the campaign comes just at the right moment – and is done in a way that ensures her conversation with voters continues to Election Day. And it delivers our message that Proposition 8 is unfair and just plain wrong.”

DeGeneres also will speak about Proposition 8 on her show on Monday, as part of an interview with Joseph Biden. the vice presidential candidate expresses his opposition to the measure as well.