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A followup to my earlier post on Ellen DeGeneres: Today she posted this public service announcement about Proposition 8 on her show’s Website, in which she talked about the need to vote “No,” and about misleading information coming from the Yes on 8 campaign.

She said, “You have seen their ads on TV. They are twisting the truth and they are trying to scare you.”

DeGeneres also will do a public service announcement for the official No on 8 campaign, campaign director Patrick Guererro told the Advocate on Tuesday. No plans were disclosed on where it will air or how it will be distributed, or whether they will use DeGeneres’ exisitng spot.

He also indicated that the sounding of the alarm after last week’s polling appears to be paying off: the campaign has been raising nearly $1 million per day.

Clarification: I’ve been alerted that because this is a political spot, it is not technically a public service announcement but a Web ad.