Ellen DeGeneres challenged Republican nominee John McCain on the issue of gay marriage when he taped an appearance on her show on Wednesday.

In a clip posted by the Website TMZ, McCain tells DeGeneres that they have a “respectful disagreement on that issue.”

But DeGeneres said that “it just feels that there is this old way of thinking” to deny marriage to same-sex couples even as other rights are extended to them.

“It just sounds like you are saying, ‘You can sit there, you cannot sit there,'” DeGeneres said.

“Well, we just have a disagreement, and I, along with many others, wish you a lot of happiness,” McCain responded.

DeGeneres responded, “So you will walk me down the aisle?”

The audience laughed. “Touche,” McCain said.

After the California Supreme Court overturned a law banning same sex unions last week, DeGeneres announced her plans to marry Portia de Rossi. McCain, however, was critical of what he saw as judges taking an activist role in the process.

His appearance will air on Thursday.