That, and other news, in today’s Political Panorama.

Casino employees, culinary workers and showgirls prepare to caucus in a little less than an hour from now for the Democratic candidates along the Las Vegas strip, in what surely will be one of the more unusual political events of this season. (They will caucus in nine casino locations, in addition to the hundreds of other areas around the state). On the Republican side, Mitt Romney already is the projected winner of the GOP caucus this morning, perhaps boosted by the heavy concentration of Mormons in Nevada and a last minute campaign swing through the state. Romney appeared last night on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” where he elaborated on his confrontation with AP reporter Glen Johnson at a Thursday news conference.

“These guys have a responsibility to be
adversarial, and, you know, we don’t treat them real well.  The guys
that follow us in the presidential race come in a whole group.  We put
them … in
the back of the aircraft.  We feed them lousy food.  We wake them up
early in the morning to go to events, and then as you’ll see in this
clip, I think, we don’t give them chairs to sit on either.  So they
have a tough go of it, but they’re doing their job.

“I respect the fact they’ve got to ask me tough questions and get in
my face, but if I don’t agree, I’m going to come back hard as well.
That’s just the nature of the way it ought to be.”

One sidelight to the GOP vote: Ron Paul is expected to come in second or third, boosted by the independent and libertarian vote. Could he also have been helped by the brothel vote?

Celebs on the Trail: John Edwards will be joined in South Carolina Wednesday and Thursday by Ralph Stanley, Danny Glover and Ben “Cooter” Jones on what is being described as a “real ol’ timey Democratic, no-holds barred, nothing but the truth, southern political shindig.”  And tomorrow,  Mike Huckabee  travels to Chuck Norris’ Lone Wolf Ranch  in Texas. It’s billed as a private fund-raising event, but donors actually can participate in an online link. Among the features of the afternoon: a martial arts demonstration, and a performance of Huckabee’s rock and roll band Capitol Offense.

Ferrell’s Show: Jeffrey Ressner reports in The Politico that Will Ferrell is  planning to take a one-man show to Broadway in which he’ll play a new character, a candidate who will say anything to get elected. Sound familiar?