Tuesday morning

Despite calls to scale back parties at the Republican National Convention, things didn’t look much less subdued last night in downtown Minneapolis.

The Distilled Spirits of America fete was still jammed, albeit with the new title “Spirits of the Gulf Coast.” Lifetime’s Rock the Vote “Political Chicks a Go Go” bash was full of revelers in a space called Bar Fly, as John Rich sang “Walk the Line” and, of course, “Raising McCain.” (Meghan McCain was in the audience). And Friends of New Orleans went ahead with its party at First Avenue, bringing perhaps more buttoned down Republicans in the venue in its history as Big Easy musicians jammed on stage. In the back, the org had been assembling thousands of care packages to the Gulf Coast. More party coverage here.

ABC News’ Brian Ross also reports that Hookers and Blow played at downtown Minneapolis bar Glueck’s in an event hosted by Washington lobbyists. “As the people of New Orleans were fleeing, many top Republicans and lobbyists were partying,” he reported.

Alternate view: What else are delegates to do?

Spotted at CNN Grill on Monday night: Pat Boone.

Tammy Haddad reports on Washington Post Newsweek Interactive that prominent Clinton friend and campaign adviser John Coale has decided to endorse John McCain. Coale is the husband of Fox News’ Greta Van Sustern.

Pacifica Radio’s Amy Goodman was among those arrested in protests yesterday in St. Paul.