As Mike Huckabee continued to snipe at Mitt Romney — often in humorous ways — his campaign’s celebrity spokesman Chuck Norris told a group of pro-Huckabee bloggers his means of beating Huck’s chief rival. He is “gonna choke ‘im.”

“Mitt Romney has $100 million,” Norris told the bloggers gathered at the Des Moines Marriott this evening, according to the Huffington Post. He then made a pitch for contributing to Huckabee’s bare bones campaign, which is relying quite heavily on free media to gain him exposure.

Norris, who appeared in an ad with Huckabee a month ago, just as the candidate was rising in the polls, also took on what some see as Huckabee’s weakness, that he’s injected religion into the race as a former Baptist preacher.

“It’s not as if he stepped down from the pulpit to run for President,” Norris said. “He was governor for a long time.”

Norris vowed to continue to campaign with Huckabee, and is planning what is being called a “virtual barbecue” at his Texas ranch on Jan. 20.

Later, Huckabee and Norris took to the stage for a rally at the Val Air Ballroom in Des Moines.

Huckabee says that he now regrets showing an attack ad on Mitt Romney at a somewhat bizarre press conference on Monday.  “Ya know, at the time, I thought it was an important way to prove we actually had it,” Huckabee told ABC News. “Probably if I had it to do over again, I would not have shown it, and you would have said, ‘show it, show it, you don’t really have one!’ and then you would have beat me up for not showing it ’cause I didn’t have one.”