AlbadeclaresherselfIt’s not hyperbole to say that the next few weeks we’ll be inundated with messages from stars and musicians all but begging young adults to register and get out the vote.

I’m a bit skeptical as to how well some of this messaging works, other than in the most creative and elaborate cases (like Jessica Alba, right, for Declare Yourself), as there’s more than enough clutter on the PSA front.

This is the subject of my latest Politico column, which you can read here.

Others vids don’t use celebrity but aim to be in sync with today’s youth. A sampling:

The Dance Craze: Jon M. Chu, director of “Step Up 2: The Streets” and the YouTube dance battle phenomenon, has posted a viral video he made that pits Obamanators and the McCainiacs in the first of its kind election “dance-off.” The video “includes a Sarah Palin burlesque in addition to gravity defying break dancers, roboters, and tap dancers moving to music mixed with bytes from the stump speeches of Senators Obama and McCain.”

Hip Hop Effect: From music exec Karen Chatman comes this video, “The Right Act to Vote.”