That, and other news, in today’s Political Panorama.

Judging by the comments posted on the blog in the past 24 hours, on everything from war protesters to Barbra Streisand, the state of political discourse has deteriorated considerably since the end of the conventions. I myself have been labeled a “racist,” and others have taken to using labels on the order of “fagit,” which obviously would have a lot more impact were the inflammatory term actually spelled correctly.

All of this is to be expected as the race tightens, Nov. 4 looms on the horizon and everyone on both sides start to get frantic.

What can all but be guaranteed are more confrontations between the campaigns and the media, for allegations of bias simply in a line of questioning, or for the failure to cover a story that should be covered.

Tammy Haddad captured the atmosphere at the Republican National Convention with her now-famous TamCam, in which McCain adviser Steve Schmidt calls one reporters’ question about Sarah Palin “offensive.”

Also rattling journo’s cages: Campaign manager Rick Davis, telling Fox News Sunday why Palin will not face media interviews unless it the outlet shows “some level of respect and deference.”

Yet there is contention on the left, too, especially in light of the axing of Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews from anchoring election coverage. Variety’s William Triplett has details.

More on Arrest: John Wise of Fox News in New York offers his take on being arrested Thursday in St. Paul.

Moore’s Pic: Jeffrey Ressner of the Politico writes about Michael Moore’s new film,” “Slacker Uprising,” that will be released on the Internet.