Writer Jon Robin Baitz, creator of “Brothers & Sisters,” has been one of the most eloquent bloggers on Huffington Post. He showed up on W&W in June because it was he who drew the ire of Hillary Clinton at a fund-raiser at the home of Roland Emmerich.

He writes of the Obama win, “Maybe this is a little like 1968. The war has finally dragged our youth back into politics. About time. And watching those exhilarated supporters at the inscrutable bit of political theater that is the Iowa caucuses, watching the crowd gathered behind Obama when he spoke, one could sense the unmistakable emergence of a people awakening from a dream. To a dream. A dream that insists on change.

“It is very early. But I think there is an exhaustion with the Clinton premise, and indeed, even the Clinton promise. Her negativity felt stale and out of joint, out of sync with what was going on in our hearts and minds. She still may be the Democratic candidate, she still may be the president, but deep down, what she offers feels familiar, dynastic, stale, and so very hard to trust. Last night, many people agreed with that assessment, and said “Not so fast. Not yet. Not you. Not now. Barack Obama. Maybe it is his time.”