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That, and other news, in today’s Political Panorama.

The House is voting now on the bailout bill — including incentives for Hollywood — but one thing to watch is the vote of the California delegation. In a story that landed on the Los Angeles Times Website last night, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson asking for a $7 billion loan to keep the state afloat. Surely that will add a new sense of urgency as credit markets tighten.

If California doesn’t get the loan, which media outlet will be the first to use the phrase, “Bush to State: Drop Dead”?

Debate Post Mortem: Last night’s vice presidential debate, as expected, was watched in greater numbers than the presidential debate last week, according to the early overnight numbers from 55 local markets. Nielsen says that its overall rating was 45.0, compared to the 31.6 rating for the initial McCain-Obama debate on Friday. The debate did best in Baltimore, as well as in some battleground states, and worst in Los Angeles.

O’Reilly Rant: Bill O’Reilly’s latest shout fest.