WGA takes reality and animation off the table

The WGA has just given a major signal that it may be ready to make a deal.

In a letter to members, WGA West pesident Patric Verrone and WGA East prez Michael Winship have announced that the guild’s taken its proposals for jurisdiction over reality TV and animation off the table.

Those proposals were two of the six that the AMPTP demanded that the WGA remove on Dec. 7 as a condition of continuing to negotiate. When the WGA refused to do so, the AMPTP walked away.

The letter was sent out a few hours after the two sides held their first informal meeting with the aim of getting back to the table for official negotiations. Both sides have agreed to a news blackout and the WGA leaders asked its members to cool down their rhetoric for the time being.

Here’s the entire letter —

To Our Fellow Members,

We have responded favorably to the invitation from the AMPTP to enter into informal talks that will help establish a reasonable basis for returning to negotiations. During this period we have agreed to a complete news blackout. We are grateful for this opportunity to engage in meaningful discussion with industry leaders that we hope will lead to a contract. We ask that all members exercise restraint in their public statements during this critical period.

In order to make absolutely clear our commitment to bringing a speedy conclusion to negotiations we have decided to withdraw our proposals on reality and animation. Our organizing efforts to achieve Guild representation in these genres for writers will continue. You will hear more about this in the next two weeks.

–Dave McNary