WGA: Rain, rain go away

The recent spate of continued cold and rainy weather’s been cutting back the numbers of WGA pickets outside studio lots.

“I admit that I don’t do well in the rain,” noted scribe Bob Zeschin, a constant presence at the Paramount gates since the strike started. “I could only manage an hour last week on the NAACP day when it was really pouring. Today, I have four layers on, but I plan on doing the entire three-hour shift.”

Still, the picketers have not gone away by any means.

The WGA returned to normal picketing on Tuesday, the 85th day of the strike, a day after asking picketers to spend Monday at Fox, which drew about 1,000 supporters.

The WGA was operating lines Tuesday at its seven usual locations — Warner Bros., CBS Television City, CBS Radford, Warner Bros., Disney, NBC Burbank, Fox and Paramount, where there were pickets at all gates as of mid-morning.

“I’ve gotten two things I didn’t expect to from all this — a sun tan and I’ve gained weight from all the noshing,” Zeschin said.

Most picketers remain cautiously optimistic about the informal talks between the WGA and moguls, which have been going for a week. “I’m ready for this to be over,” Zeschin said.      

-D. McNary