SAG sage on DGA deal: Not so fast…

Doug Allen, SAG’s national exec director, is urging the town to slow down in formulating a reaction to last week’s DGA deal.

Allen contends there’s not enough detail yet available to reach a definitive conclusion. He issued a statement Monday afternoon, in what looks like an effort to defuse speculation that terms of the DGA agreement will automatically be used as the template for subsequent agreements with the WGA and SAG.

  “The rush to anoint this agreement as the “solution” for the industry is premature,” Allen said. “Without more specific details, the DGA/AMPTP agreement cannot be authoritatively described as good or bad; much of it is simply unknown.”

SAG hasn’t yet set a start for its negotiations with the AMPTP and the current SAG-AFTRA film-TV contract expires June 30. The WGA’s set to start informal negotiations with the majors on Tuesday.

Allen also warned that if the WGA is still on strike as of Feb. 24, SAG members won’t attend the Oscars.

The entire statement is after the jump:

–Dave McNary