Two committees of the Screen Actors Guild have announced their oppostiton to California ballot Proposition 8, which would ban same-sex marriages.

The guild’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender committee and its Hollywood Legislative panel announced the action on Wednesday, noting that the moves are part of the Guild’s ongoing anti-discrimination efforts.

Anne-Marie Johnson, head of the legislative committee, said, “No actor should have to disclose his or her sexual preference in order to get health and retirement benefits. Being legally married means everyone is treated the same. It’s important that we take a stand to protect all actors from discriminatory hiring practices and provide same-sex couples access to benefits.”

SAG said its Hollywood members are volunteering for the “No on Prop 8” campaign and will assist with phone banking, events and community outreach.

SAG also noted that it does not endorse candidates, but does take positions on ballot propositions and noted that the Colorado SAG Branch is opposing Measure 47, which it characterized as an anti-union “right-to-work” proposition.

SAG also said it has contributed funds to the No on 47 campaign.