Rosenberg, Allen not thrilled about DGA deal

In a reminder that SAG’s upcoming negotiations with the majors are likely to be contentious and complicated, SAG president Alan Rosenberg and SAG national exec director Doug Allen have told SAG members that he’s not particularly impressed with the DGA’s tentative deal with the AMPTP.

Rosenberg and Allen echoed previous prounouncements that the DGA deal would not automatically be the model for a new SAG deal. That’s also what WGA leaders were saying before they launched informal contract talks with moguls a week ago.

In a message sent to members today, the duo opened by saying, “Everyone hopes the WGA strike will end with a fair deal for the writers.  There has been much speculation about the impact on the WGA strike of the tentative agreement between the Directors Guild of America (DGA) and the employers’ representative, the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP).  Some have rushed to anoint their deal as the “solution” for the entertainment industry.  We believe that assessment is premature.”

Rosenberg and Allen then zeroed in on what they see as the lack of details about the deal in areas such as paid download, determining fair market value and the “very high thresholds” in jurisdiction for made for new media content.

“For these specific reasons, and because so much of the new DGA/AMPTP deal is unknown, no one should assume this new deal is a template for anyone else, certainly not for actors,” the letter concludes. “It is up to the leadership and membership of the DGA to decide if their new deal with the studios and networks is acceptable, but whatever they decide, their decision will not determine what will be satisfactory for the leadership and membership of Screen Actors Guild.  Each guild must act in the best interest of its own membership, including rejecting management-imposed ‘pattern bargaining.'”

The current SAG contract expires June 30 and no talks have been set yet.

The entire letter is after the jump.

– D. McNary