Rene Balcer’s brush with law and disorder

In the crosswalk justice system, the pickets are represented by two separate, yet equally unenthusiastic groups: The police who investigate the hotheads, and the security guards who have to be dragged into taking action. This is Rene Balcer’s story.

“Law & Order” exec producer Rene Balcer got into a scuffle with a Fox employee on Wednesday morningRenebalcer1  while he was on a picket shift outside the Galaxy gate at Avenue of the Stars. Balcer wasn’t hurt, but he was rattled. And he was really steamed by what he sees as intransigence (sound familiar?) on the part of a few Fox security guards who were barely a few feet away but didn’t move a muscle until nearly an hour after the fact when officers from the LAPD’s West L.A. station showed up to investigate.

“Those guys weren’t doing anything,” Balcer said. “Other writers were trying to get their attention while it was going on. It was only when the cops showed up an hour later that they moved.”


The incident began around 10:15 a.m. Wednesday when Balcer was walking with a picket sign in the crosswalk in front of the Galaxy entryway to the Fox Plaza building. A hybrid SUV crept up on the crosswalk and to Balcer’s surprise, was so impatient as to begin bumping him.