Pickets: They’re back!

WGA picketing resumed Monday morning at all major studios lots after a three-week break, although the guild staged three days of picketing last week at NBC Burbank.

“I feel rejuvenated,” said strike captain A.L. Katz outside Paramount’s Windsor gate, where two dozen pickets marched mid-morning. The line included several writers from “Grey’s Anatomy” and a trio of recent film school grads looking to make connections with TV writers.

The mood was upbeat in the wake of the looming cancellation of the picket-threatened Golden Globes and the possibility of the WGA signing interim deals with such indies as Lionsgate and TWC.

“The rumblings that we’re hearing about possible interim deals like UA are awesome,” Katz said. “What it says is that there’s a recognition that what we’re asking for is fair.”

Katz, a veteran of “Tales From the Crypt,” is also in the early stages of planning a theme day of picketing for “Crypt” writers and cast such as John Kassir, who portrayed the Crypt Keeper.

“I know that people criticize us for sometimes having a party atmosphere with theme days but all we’re doing is celebrating what we do, which is create stories that sometimes become iconic images,” he added.