Peace in late night: Jimmy Kimmel on Jay Leno


If these two can get together… maybe there’s hope that the AMPTP and WGA can sit down again. And perhaps dogs and cats will resolve their centuries-old battle, too.

Above, a shot from tonight’s “Tonight Show,” featuring the much-ballyhooed guest exchange between Jay Leno and Jimmy Kimmel (who welcomes Leno tonight as well).

Leno and Kimmel exchanged wisecracks, and of course, the strike was topic A. Kimmel subtly teased Leno over the “Tonight Show” host’s run-in with the WGA: “Will you write some jokes for me? Because it seems like you’ve got plenty.” To which Leno said, “I can’t. That’s illegal.”

Back to Kimmel: “Yeah, it’s very confusing how it works. But it’s lousy, and it makes booking guests difficult because people don’t want to cross a picket line. So now we’re — instead of movie stars, you get, you know, the cast of “Celebrity Fat Club 5″ on the show.”

Leno repeated his mantra from last week: “But there is an advantage… You don’t have to see a lot of stupid movies and pretend they’re good.”

Of course, Kimmel responded, the alternative isn’t much better: “But you have to see stupid reality shows and pretend they’re good. Tell the two Coreys how fantastic they are. You know, beg for a Feldman and/or a game booking. That’s no good.”

Check out the full transcript of Kimmel on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” after the jump.

— Michael Schneider