TOKYO – Cops in Kyoto arrested a 33-year-old man for illegally uploading a copy of “Wanted” to the Internet using “Winny” file-sharing software.The pic has yet to get its Japanese release.

The bust, the first of its kind in Japan, could lead to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to 10 million yen ($96,154). The suspect has confessed that he uploaded the file, which was probably camcorded in a US theater and then subbed into Japanese. He is also believe to be involved in the subbing and distribution of many other pirated pics.

The Japan and International Motion Picture Copyright Association (JIMCA) alerted cops to the illegal uploading at the beginning of July. “This year, JIMCA has identified more than thirty movie files that have been uploaded to the Winny network prior to their Japan release dates,” commented JIMCA exec director Yasutaka Iiyama.

The Winny P2P file-sharing system was developed in Japan by Isamu Kaneko. In May 2004 Kaneko was arrested for abetting copyright law infringement and in December 2006 was found guilty and fined 1.5 million yen ($14,423).

P2P networks have been responsible for most distribution of pirated pics in Japan, as well as stolen data from government and biz computer networks.