Greens face more charges

Gov't says bribery charges net them $14 mil

Hollywood producer Gerald Green and his wife, Patricia, who were charged in January with bribing a Thai government official, face additional allegations of bribery that the U.S. government claims netted them at least $14 million.

The fresh indictment charges the Greens with paying $1.8 million to a former governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand in exchange for receiving contracts for an “elite privilege card” that was marketed to wealthy foreigners.

The Greens were originally indicted in January on charges of paying bribes to the former governor in connection with securing contracts to operate the Bangkok Film Festival.

The new indictment charges that the Greens used dummy business addresses and telephone numbers to hide the large amount of money they were being paid under the contracts. It also alleges that the Greens disguised the bribes as sales commissions.

Gerald Green produced 2007’s “Rescue Dawn,” directed by Werner Herzog and starring Christian Bale.

The Greens are charged under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act with bribing a foreign public official and money laundering.

Patricia Green’s attorney, Marilyn Bednarski, said the couple did not make any bribes, according to an Associated Press report. The Greens are to be arraigned Oct. 14. They pleaded not guilty to the charges in the original indictment (Daily Variety, Jan. 24).