From the front line: Rain, what rain?

What rain?

One of the more impressive showings of WGA solidarity has come this week as striking writers and supporters continue picketing at studio lots — even in downpours.

“It’s not the most pleasant thing but I’m from Seattle so this kind of weather is sort of nostalgic for me,” noted strike captain Steve Chivers at the Paramount Windsor gate as rain came sluicing down Thursday morning.

Chivers, who was overseeing about 25 picketers at mid-morning, pointed out that WGA picketers in New York routinely  faced far more challenging weather during the three months of the strike.

“I remind myself that this kind of weather is nothing compared to what they see every day in New York,” he added.

Chivers said the mood on the picket line has stayed upbeat, particularly with the WGA leadership announcing that it’s meeting with moguls to lay the groundwork for official negotiations to resume. “I think people are feeling like we finally may be able to make a deal, although we still have not seen the actual numbers — just the DGA announcement,” he added.    

He also noted that WGA negotiating committee members and board members have been visiting picket lines in recent days to seek feedback and explain the nuances of what the DGA announced in its deal last week.

“We’re just ordinary people,” Chivers said. “Despite what (AMPTP media consultants) Chris Lehane and Mark Fabiani may say, we are not crazy and we don’t have horns and tails.”

–Dave McNary