Email campaign to push WGA leaders on DGA deal: ‘The more they hear from us, the better off we’ll be’

Scribe Craig Mazin has shared plenty of thoughtful commentary on the WGA and the strike through his Artful Writer blog during the past three months. Now he’s taken a step further and distributed a form email letter to send to WGA leaders urging them to embrace the DGA deal terms as “a deal we can live with.”

Here’s Craig’s letter, followed by his form letter:

Dear Friends:

By now, you’ve heard that the DGA has made a deal with the AMPTP that addresses the concerns that many of us had. The deal includes a rate for sales over the internet that’s double what we currently get for DVDs, locks in jurisdiction over made-for-internet material, and provides a combination flat fee/percentage residual for ad-supported streaming.

You can read John Wells’ opinion of the deal here: http://artfulwriter.com/?p=318
I’ve been in touch with a lot of you over the last few weeks, and many have asked what could be done to help make our voices heard within Guild leadership.

Here’s a chance.

If you, like me, believe that our Negotiating Committee, Board and officers need to find a way to get the DGA deal done on our collective behalf, please let them know now. The more they hear from the rank and file, the more informed their decisions will be.

You can write anything you’d like. If you’re looking for a form letter, here’s what I’m sending them.