DGA prexy Michael Apted’s message to members

I am delighted to announce that this afternoon, the DGA reached an agreement with the AMPTP on theMichaelapted  terms of a new Basic Agreement which is subject to ratification by the members.  The agreement provides important gains that address our very real needs in the present while securing our place in the industrys rapidly evolving digital future.

I am proud to report that the new agreement contains solid increases in wage rates for all categories, increases in the residual bases, continued security for our health plan, a number of increases that pertain to AD/UPM and AD/SM members and no rollbacks of any kind. Moreover, it includes substantial, precedent-setting gains in the key areas of new-media jurisdiction and compensation. That said, it is important to note that there was more at stake in this negotiation than simply wresting the best possible deal from an employer. Our fundamental goal was to protect our interests today while at the same time laying the groundwork for a future whose outlines are not yet clear. And we have done just that.

This was a very difficult negotiation that required real give and take on both sides. Nonetheless, we managed to produce an agreement that enshrines the two fundamental principles we regard as absolutely crucial to any employment and compensation agreement in this digital age:

-First, jurisdiction is essential.  Without secure jurisdiction over new media, productionboth derivative of existing programs and originalcompensation formulas are meaningless. 

-Second, the Internet is not free.  We must receive fair compensation for the use and reuse of our work on the Internet, whether it was originally created for other media platforms or expressly for online distribution.

To these ends, the agreement includes the following: