Community spirit on Par’s picket line

With full-scale WGA picketing at Los Angeles studio lots back this week, guild members are presenting an upbeat and cheerful attitude on the lines following a three-week break for the holidays.

“I am feeling a revived sense of optimism,” noted Gail Lerner at Paramount’s Windsor gate at midday Wednesday. About 30 WGA and SAG members were on the line.

“I had felt kind of discouraged over the holidays because of being distant from the discussion,” Lerner explained. “It’s nice to be back connecting with other writers out here.”

Lerner also noted that the recent interim WGA deals signed by United Artists and David Letterman’s Worldwide Pants had provided a positive boost to those on the line. And she was completely in support of the guild’s position that the Golden Globes would be picketed as long as the event was being televised by NBC.

“It’s right for us to picket them,” Lerner added. “It was NBC’s call.”