BREAKING: DGA reaches deal with AMPTP

The DGA’s reached a tentative deal with the AMPTP, following six days of negotiations.

The pact was announced early Thursday afternoon amid widespread expectations that the helmers would reach an agreement with the majors.  The DGA deal amps up the pressure from all sides on the leadership of the Writers Guild of America, which has been out on strike since Nov. 5. Its last negotiations with the AMPTP collapsed on Dec. 7 with the congloms demanding that the guild drop six of its proposals.

The town’s focus will immediately shift to whether the terms of the DGA deal will be acceptable to the WGA. A group of moderate writers have been pushing in recent days for the leaders not to reject the DGA deal out of hand.

Optimists believe that the DGA deal will be enough of a breakthrough on new-media compensation issues to pave the way for a WGA pact.

— Dave McNary