TOKYO — Korean superstar Bae Yong-joon, who launched the craze for all things Korean in Japan five years ago with his perf in the weepy TV drama “April Snow,” is being sued by a Japanese event planning company for alleged breach of contract.

The company, Togashi, filed suit against Bae, his agency Keyeast and former Keyeast prexy Bae Sung Woong, claming $106,000 in damages for Bae’s failure to appear in “Face in Japan Premium Event,” a show featuring Korean stars held at the Tokyo Dome on Aug. 14.

The show was part of the Hallyu Expo, a series of concerts and events celebrating the so-called “Korean Wave” across Asia.

Keyeast issued a statement Wednesday claiming that the three parties in the suit “never made a contract” with Togashi, and that at the time of the event Bae was filming a TV drama series in South Korea, making it impossible for him to attend.

Saying that the three defendants have been “seriously damaged by this senseless accusation,” Keyeast added that it intends to file a countersuit against Togashi.