And now, the CBS Par cuts…

Citing fallout from the WGA strike, CBS Paramount Network TV has decided to follow the lead of ABC Studios by terminating a handful of overall deals—and Warner Bros. TV could be next.

Exact number of cuts isn’t yet known, though it’s expected to be fewer than the ABC trims. CBS Par has a much smaller roster from which to cut.

WBTV’s cuts have been expected since Friday. Nothing official’s happened yet, though insiders believe the studio could take action within the next 24 hours or so. It’s expected WBTV will trim just a few deals from its roster.

A CBS Par rep on Friday had said the studio hadn’t terminated any deals, but that obviously changed over the last 72 hours.

“Production companies in the entertainment industry continue to feel the impact of the ongoing writers strike,” CBS Par said in a statement.  “As a result of this change in development and production activity, we have made a difficult decision to discontinue ‘overall deals’ with a number of writers and producers whose talents we greatly value and respect.”

–Josef Adalian