20th Century Fox TV joins the force majeure onslaught

Looks like the day every one has been bracing for has finally arrived. 20th Century Fox TV plans to start sending letters tonight, insiders said; but chairmen Gary Newman and Dana Walden have already been informing agents and their clients that certain deals have been terminated.

20th Century Fox will likely let go of around 15 deals as part of the process.

Like the other studios — led by ABC Studios, which began terminating deals on Friday — most of the scribes who have been let go (under force majeure terms) don’t currently have an active project at the studio; or their most recent project is no longer on the air.

That’s the case with Jonathan Lisco, whose fall drama “K-Ville” was canceled by Fox. Also out at 20th: Talented scribes Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts (“Pepper Dennis”) who are on a show that will return, “Women’s Murder Club,” but will no longer be developing new projects for the studio.

Other scribes let go include Larry Kaplow (“K-Ville”) and Paul Redford (“Journeyman”). More names likely to come.

— Michael Schneider