Sensing the impending demise of his reality franchise, “The Mole” exec producer Scott Stone isn’t waiting for fans to generate a “Save Our Show” campaign — he’s launching one himself.

Stone and fellow “The Mole” exec producer Clay Newbill have created SaveTheMole.com in an attempt to keep the well-reviewed — but low rated — competish from fading away for good.

“We still have a chance to show ABC how much people love the show by getting our ratings up for the last five episodes,” Stone and Newbill wrote on the site. “If we don’t, the show itself could be facing execution at the end of this season … and this time it might really be fatal.”

Of course, “The Mole” has already survived several near-fatal blows. Originally hosted by Anderson Cooper, the show aired twice in its original format, returned in 2003 and 2004 with celeb editions hosted by Ahmad Rashad. The competish then appeared dead … but ABC, looking for strike-proof reality shows last season, decided to revive the show — this time with host Jon Kelley.

The most recent installment of “The Mole” hasn’t made much noise in the 18-49 demo, however.

According to the producers, “The very future of ‘The Mole’ hangs in the balance.”